LEctPROFILE® kits – Glycoprofile easily

Dear Madam/Mister,

GLYcoDiag has recently launched new LEctPROFILE® kits (dedicated lectin arrays) designed for efficient evaluation of crude or purified glycoconjugates.

  • LK01FimH (screening of FimH ligands)

  • LK02DC (Research of DC-SIGN and/or Langerin ligands)

  • LK03Gal3 (screening of Galectin-3 inhibitors)

  • LK04Cells (Highlight cells glyco-signatures according to cell-type, differentiation, status (healthy or not) and environment . Evaluation of product effect on glycan expression and cells behaviour. Research of cell glyco-biomarkers)

  • LK05α2,3_α2,6 (Determination of the ratio α2,3/α2,6, study the sialylation levels)

  • LK06Galili (Detection of undesirable Galili antigen on cells, tissues or biotherapeutics)

As a reminder, the LEctPROFILE® kits are convenient for the following relevant applications:

1) Detection of desirable or undesirable glycans during the early stage of quality control of biotherapeutics;

2) Identification of glyco-biomarkers related to cells behaviour and/or pathology;

3) Analysis and characterisation of the glycosylation level of glycoproteins contained in biological fluids (e.g.target the sialylation status of relevant serum biomarkers);

4) Research of ligand for lectins of interest that are well-known to be involved in particular disorder or in biological mechanism of interest.

Visit our website at https://www.glycodiag.com/products/lectprofile-kits/ to download the technical notes of each kit and see several examples of applications.

GLYcoDiag will attend the next 21st Eurocarb symposium in Paris from 09 to 13 July and will be presenting some results obtained with these kits.