Microbiote & Glyco-Microbiote

Since 2009, GLYcoDiag offers services in microbiology in order to help our customers (mainly in cosmetics field) in the research and optimisation of new actives, prebiotics, associations of compounds (synergy effect), boosters, systems preservatives and the validation of new formulations.


GLYcoDiag specialized in glycobiology and microbiote services, can help you to determine the action of your product on the growth, the death, the adhesion of microorganisms and their communication with cells (human skin and/or intestinal cells):


- GlycoMicrobiote: This study aims to determine the activities of your products on the adhesion of microorganisms with cells. Hence, bacterial lectins recognition of glycans at the surface of host cells and vice versa allows bacteria installation, biofilm formation and colony growth.

Our range of bacteria and cells models of interactions is designed for the analysis of glycobiological interactions involved and to understand if they can be modulated by glycans or glycans-like molecules.


- Antimicrobial activities: GLYcoDiag miniaturized methods help you to screen a number of compounds on a large range of bacteria and fungi (list available upon request) in order to determine the corresponding minimal inhibitory concentration for each product or combinations of products.


- Prebiotics properties : GLYcoDiag has developed a specific method intended for the determination of microorganisms growth (validated on a large range of bacteria and fungi). Growth activation is assessed in comparison with minimal and optimal growth controls.


- Co-culture system(s) : GLYcoDiag proposed to analyse the effect of your products on the growth of four bacterial strains (choose according to your goals) in a co-culture model.


- Screening and products association intended for the design of systems preservatives.

Our famous micro-challenge test method can be specifically customized according to your needs. From high throughput screening for antimicrobials activities to the design of boosters, systems preservatives or optimization of synergy effects, the micro-challenge test is a miniaturized method of choice for all steps where the regulatory method is not absolutely required. Moreover, adapted to various creams viscosities, the micro-challenge test can help you to accelerate your development through large screening with different formulations.

Summary applications of GLYcoDiag’s microbiote services

- Host-microbiote interaction studies

- Biofilm formation

- Immunity activation through recognition with specific lectins

- Adhesion screening properties

- Anti-microbials, booster, synergistic action

- Pre- and probiotic studies

- New biomarker detection (targeting specific strains and/or pathogens)

- Detection of local changes in microbiote population equilibrium