Microbiote & Glyco-Microbiote

Hight throughput screening of cosmetic antimicrobials through micro-challenge test:

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In 2009 we launch this service in order to help our customers (mainly in cosmetics and nutritional fields) in the research and optimisation of new systems preservatives and the validation of new formulations. Our micro-challenge test method is the result of the adaptation, optimization and miniaturization of the regulatory method of challenge test (see bibliography on “news” page). All the samples were prepared and contaminated in 96-deep wells plate format. The micro-challenge test is cost effective and the method of choice for research projects aimed the discovery of new preservatives or the control step of anti-microbial efficacy where the regulatory method is not absolutely required.

Hight throughput screening of cosmetic and nutritional through custom-designed research minimal inhibition concentration and micro-challenge test methods:

These services are intended for research and development projects aimed at the discovery of new perservatives and/or antimicrobials. We offer completely customizable methods regarding the microbial strain, the time points and the duration of the analyses. It can be adapted depending on the goal of each customer.

GLYcoDiag offers a range of microbial strains validated for use with these methods (minimal inhibition concentration and micro-challenge test), providing a wide range of applications to study specific antimicrobial activities