Lectin Glycoprofiling & Glycoanalytics

GLYcoDiag offers the implementation of its expertise and technology in adapted forms: from contracts services, research contracts to development projects and final test product developed for your specific needs and intended to be used in your facility environment.

Drug discovery: glyco-molecules research, characterization and development

From the search of new glyco-molecules to their purification, characterization and the study of their effect on the glycobiological interaction mechanisms, GLYcoDiag helps its customers to develop their glyco-products.

From raw material to the glyco-active product

Lectins glycoprofiling projects and Glycobiological interactions studies:

Download presentations and case studies in health or cosmetics applications.

Glycodiag technology of lectin glycoprofiling


The study of accessibility of glycans moieties for carbohydrate recognition domains is the first key to understand the link between glycobiological interaction and activity. Lectin Glycoprofiling is the best strategy to study the accessibilities of carbohydrates or glycans motifs and to anticipate the potentials biological activities mediated by proteins-sugars interactions.
You provide us your target molecules or cells and we will perform a glycan signature analysis. Using a panel of lectins for screening purposes, we will be able to select the relevant lectins  necessary for the study of your sample. Various options are aiming at a finely tuned interaction profile with lectins to identify the main structural characteristics of the studied glycoforms.


Conversely, the interaction of a specific “glycomolecule” with a carbohydrate recognition receptor (lectin or lectin-like) expressed at the surface of a cell, can be assessed through NeoPROFILE study. This strategy aimed at:

  1. Showing the capacity of studied molecules to be recognized by lectins or lectins-like receptors
  2. Identification of the specific glycan structure engaged in the interaction
  3. Deciphering the glycobiological processes related to the activity of the molecule

Glycoanalysis services:

We offer a full range of structural glycoanalysis services and studies for your molecule using state-of-the-art equipment.

Structure glycoprofiling

A complete analysis of all O-Glycans and N-Glycans can be performed by mass spectrometry. The sequencing will give you the complete monosaccharide composition (neutrals and sialylated) as well as identifying the glycosylation occupation sites on the glycoprotein.

Whole glycoproteins analysis: MALDI-TOF

Glycosylation occupation sites: Protease digestion followed by glycopeptides mapping by MALDI-TOF or ESI MS.

Glycans structures:

- Fragmentation of glycopeptides (ESI MS/MS ; MALDI-PSD).

- N-glycans analysis

- O-Glycans analysis

Neutral monosaccharide composition: Acid or enzyme hydrolysis then HPAEC-PAD analysis
Sialic acid composition: Enzymatic release or mild acid hydrolysis then HPAEC-PAD analysis

Glycoanalysis and Glycomics research contracts:

Our specialization in glycobiology was applied in projects which cover various fields of applications. The association of our lectin glycoprofiling approach with the structural analysis methods constitute a very powerful technology platform of glycoanalysis. Depending of the domain of application, various objectives of the research contracts could be followed:

  • Diagnostics : Glyco-biomarkers discovery and application
  • Custom tests design
  • Glycomimetic drug discovery