Affinity Gels

Two kind of affinity gel are proposed by GLYcoDiag with different specificities :
Carbohydrate affinity gel (CarbPROFILE gel) or Lectin affinity gel (LEctPROFILE gel).

Carbohydrate affinity gel (CarbPROFILE gel)

CarbPROFILE gels are monosaccharides-Sepharose affinity matrices used for purification of specific carbohydrate-binding proteins. The carbohydrates are attached through their non reducing hydroxyl group after pre-activation of sepharose matrix by divinylsulfone (DVS) (see scheme 1 below). The binding of lectins and carbohydrates binding proteins to carbohydrate affinity gel is non-covalent and reversible with high capacity. Lectins and carbohydrates binding proteins are both usually stable compounds which can be recovered by competitive elution (i.e. 0.2 to 0.5 M of monosaccharide) or by modulations of pH and/or ionic strength in high yield and purity.

Scheme 1. CarbPROFILE gel matrix.

CGF Fucose-CarbPROFILE gel Fucose binding protein >10 (based on UEA-I lectin) 5, 10 or 25
CGGa Galactose-CarbPROFILE gel Galactose binding protein >10 (based on AIA lectin) 5, 10 or 25
CGGN N-Acetylglucosamine-CarbPROFILE gel N-Acetylglucosamine binding protein >10 (based on WGA lectin) 5, 10 or 25
CGM Mannose-CarbPROFILE gel Mannose binding protein >30 (based on ConA lectin) 5, 10 or 25
CGR Rhamnose-CarbPROFILE gel Rhamnose binding protein >10 (based on CorM lectin) 5, 10 or 25

Table 1. Specifications of CarbPROFILE gel.  a. available in a prepacked column or in suspension.


  • Purification of large range of glycoproteins which recognize specific carbohydrates moeities.

Lectin affinity gel (LEctPROFILE gel)

LEctPROFILE gels are affinity gel chromatography where lectins are immobilized on a Sepharose 4B fast flow matrix. Glycoconjugates can be recovered by competition with the specific inhibitory monosaccharide of the lectin. LEctPROFILE gels are used for the purification of glycoconjugates with specific N-glycan residues. LEctPROFILE gels are personnalized reagents produced on your request (see our list of available lectins).

Scheme 2. LEctPROFILE gel matrix

Table 2. Lists of naturals lectins available for the LEctPROFILE gel (available in a pre-packed column or in suspension from 1 mL to 5 mL).


Table 3. Lists of recombiants lectins available for the LEctPROFILE gel (available in a pre-packed column or in suspension from 1 mL to 5 mL).   


  • Purification of polysaccharides.
  • Purification of complex glycoproteins having specific glycans structures.