About Us

GLYcoDiag Company

Created in 2005, GLYcoDiag is an innovative company which has been the first to launch lectin array research, application and services studies in France. Our business is based on a self-financing model and we are certified as a provider of research projects by the French research ministry.

Our Aim

GLYcoDiag is looking for a constant improvement of its expertise in glycosciences in order to provide our customers the more innovative and adapted services and products.

Our initial goals:

  • To reach a leading position in applied glycoanalysis
  • To develop a technology platform focused on a lectin-based glycoanalysis
  • To integrate glycoanalysis in R&D and Quality Control processes
  • To develop and produce analytical and diagnostic “lectin- and glyco-based” tests

Our Team

CEO / CSO       Ludovic Landemarre, Ph.D.

After a Ph.D. in immunoanalysis and glycobiology obtained in 1996, he spent nine years as head of laboratory then scientific and technical director in a subsidiary of Stago group. During this time, L. Landemarre launch a new customized antibodies services department and lead R and D projects for diagnostic (kits, antibodies, reagents) and vaccination (veterinary field) purposes. With his skills for management (laboratory and projects) and specific experience in the fields of biochemistry, immunoanalysis and glycoanalysis, L Landemarre founded GLYcoDiag in august 2005.

Research and development manager          Benoît Roubinet, Ph.D.

Graduated from the ENSCR engineering school, Benoît obtained a PhD in Organic Chemistry in 2015 from the University of Rouen (France). Then, he joined the group of Pr. Hell as a post-doctoral researcher at the Max Planck Institüt for Biophysical Chemistry (Göttingen) where he developed a new family of photoswitchable molecules usable in super-resolution microscopy. In 2017, he worked as a project leader at CHEMFORASE to develop new tools for the purification of butylcholinesterase (BChE). In 2018, he joined the team of GLYcoDiag as research and development Manager. He is in charge of developing new products for glycosciences and manage the glycobiology services

Project manager          Yasmina Traore, MSc.

Yasmina Traore has joined GLYoDiag in 2017 as project manager in microbiology and glycobiology. She obtained her master in engineering and chemistry at Paris Saclay University. She is in charge of microbiote and glycobiology services and projects.

SynBIOcarb early stage researcher          Federica Vena, MSc.

Federica Vena joined GLYcoDiag in 2019 as Ph.D student of the SynBIOcarb project. At GLYcoDiag, Federica will develop a lectin chip for the detection of glycan epitopes that may rise unwanted immune response in the production of therapeutic glycoproteins. In collaboration with other project partners, the technology for biosensors will be investigated.

 Scientific support          Eric Duverger, Ph.D.

Ph.D. from University of Orléans in 1995. During his work, he evidenced a new glycodependent nuclear import pathway wich could involved nucleocytosolic lectins. Since 1997, he is assistant professor in cell biology and biochemistry at the University of Orléans. His research area include plant lectin isolation, lignan biosynthesis and nuclear import of plasmids mediated by karyophilic sugars. Since 2013, he has joined the glycobiochemistry lab (Université d’Orléans) and develops both glycochemistry and glycobiology in collaboration with GLYcoDiag.

Scientific board       

Prof. Richard Daniellou

Internationally recognized expert in Glycosciences, Prof. Richard Daniellou received a degree in Biochemistry and a Ph.D (2003) in Organic Chemistry from the University of Paris XI. After two years as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Saskatchewan (Canada), he was offered an Assistant Professor position at the ENSC of Rennes (France). In 2010 he defended a habilitation and was promoted Full Professor of Biochemistry at the Organic and Analytical Chemistry Institute of Orléans (France) in 2011. His main interest for carbohydrate-active enzymes as biocatalysts for chemo-enzymatic synthesis of glycoconjugates led him to the creation of the research group named Enzymology and Glycobiochemistry. He is currently co-author of 55 publications and 3 patents.

Prof. Michel Monsigny

International leader in Glycobiology, M. Monsigny is Professor (emeritus) of Biochemistry/Glycobiology at the University of Orléans, France. M. Monsigny is author (or co-author) of over 200 papers and of 20 patents. Prof. Monsigny was head of the “glycoconjugates and endogenous lectins” department, Centre de Biophysique Moléculaire, CNRS. His research topics include neoglycoprotein and glycosynthon synthesis, plant lectins, endogenous animal lectins, intracellular glycoconjugate trafficking, and sugar-mediated gene therapy.

Glycodiag's team

GLYcoDiag’s team with one of our research partners team of Pr. Daniellou.