Technology Platform

Use the power of lectins in order to decipher and to valorize the glyco-code

GLYcoDiag has a recognized expertise related to its technology intended for the determination of interaction profiles with lectins allowing to identify “glycans signatures” (GLYcoPROFILE) or oligosaccharides receptors on the surface of molecules or cells . This technology associated with other methods of structural analysis and the expertise of the company in the field of glycobiology, constitutes a complete and glycobiology-specialised technology platform. Thus, GLYcoDiag expertise and technology platform are suitable for the study of molecules, cells or the action of a glycosylated molecule in the processes of biological recognition between lectins and glycans. Our strategy combines glycoprofiling and glycoanalytics methods intended for complex carbohydrates and glycoconjugates research and developpement, structure and activity analysis, biomarkers identification and drugs discovery. The core technology platform allows the identification and comparison of specific glycosylation profiles by monitoring the interactions of studied molecules or cells with a selected range of lectins. Our business area belongs to biotechnology and pharmaceutics, cosmetics, veterinary, diagnostics and environment.



Glycodiag technology platform



Our GLYcoPROFILE technology has been developed by specialists in glycobiology in order to be user-friendly for non-specialists.

  • Based on standard microplate format, the analysis needs no specific expensive equipment.
  • The format is suitable for High throughput screening.
  • Purification of samples is not necessary. Convenient method for in-process optimisation and quality control.
  • All our reagents are controlled and validated to ensure complete reliability of your analysis.

User-friendly and effective, our methods and products are designed to be transferred to your own laboratory without any need to acquire specific equipment or expertise.