The LEctPROFILE plate is a lectin array proposed by GLYcoDiag to highlight specific types of structures and/or to indicate the potential modifications of glycans with respect to reference structures. The relevant choice of a range of lectins makes it possible to validate the structure of glycans in a short time and with very simple basic equipment.


Each lectin are immobilized on the bottom of microtiter plates (96-well format), intended for absorbance or fluorescence interaction measurements. Up to 28 different lectins (see the list below) are proposed in a minimum format of 2 strips of 8 wells, in order to compose one or more microplates adapted to the desired analysis.

Table 1. Lists of naturals lectins available for the LEctPROFILE plate.

Table 2. Lists of recombinants lectins available for the LEctPROFILE plate.


The evaluation of compounds interactions with lectins is achieved by the direct binding mode that evaluate potential interaction of compounds ranging from pure molecule to complex mixtures (glycocojugate(s), complex carbohydrates or glycomimetics). Previous labeling of target molecule(s) by biotinylation or by fluoresceinylation is required for readout.

Name Content Analysis mode Stability
LEctPROFILE plate 2x8 well strip per lectin used for fluorescence or absorbance detection Direct Binding : until 10 samples analysed in triplicate at 3 concentrations Each LEctPROFILE plate are stable for minimum 6 months at -20 °C

Table 3. Specifications of LEctPROFILE plates.