Applied glycosciences for cosmetics ingredients development

GLYcoDiag is a testing and research laboratory specialized in Glycosciences and Microbiology. Its own technology platform GLYcoPROFILE® is intended to the study of « glyco-actives » mechanisms relevant for cosmetics applications and the development of new cosmetic ingredients. GLYcoPROFILE® allows to reduce your time development and increase your innovation capability.

The technology is based on the determination of interaction profiles of molecules with glycans binding proteins allowing to identify specific interactions of ingredient containing glycosylated molecules (from raw material to purified molecules), highlight glycans accessibility, identify “glycan signature” and compare with reference GLYcoPROFILEs, anticipate potential biological properties that are relevant for cosmetic applications.

GLYcoPROFILE® platform is declined from analytical/structural studies aiming at the identification of glycan profiles (which also shape with glycan content), accessibility and evaluate the potential to modulate glycobiological interaction mechanisms related to specific cosmetics activities (non exhaustive list):

Innate Immunity : a focus on innate immunity is carried out by the use of human recombinant lectins expressed on the surface of skin cells or in their close environment. For example the lectins DC-SIGN, Langerin or Dectin-1 are used to prove/demonstrate the effect of sample on this biological mechanism.

Anti-ageing : Determination of the interaction profile of ingredient with a panel of human recombinant lectins (e.g. CD44, layilin) ​​recognizing glycoaminoglycan motifs. These receptors are expressed on the surface of skin cells or in their close environment and are involved in cell development, tissue remodelling and inflammation.

Pigmentation : Ingredient effect on pigmentation is evaluated through the study of its interaction with lectins whose specificity correspond to those involved in melanin transfer from melanocytes to keratinocytes.

Well-being : Wellness potential action of an ingredient is predicted by evaluating the potential of interaction of the sample with lectins that recognised specific glycans structures. Indeed, some specific glycans structure bearing oligo- polysaccharides are well-known to be involved in secretion of β-endorphine (an hormone produced during wellness feeling).

From analytics to the potential activity, GLYcoPROFILE® platform and dedicated studies help you to make the difference.