Skin microbiote and GLYcoPROFILE® pre-clinical studies: Put innovation in your cosmetics ingredients. Book a meeting with GLYcoDiag Team during the next In cosmetics 2024

GLYcoDiag offer cosmetic ingredient evaluation through it’s two specialities: Microbiote and Glycosciences. Ingredient activities on skin microbiote can be demonstrated on specific co-culture models mimicking skin environments in order to know the ability of your product to modulate: (1) diversity and growth of microbiota, (2) adhesions of respective microbial strains on corneocytes, (3) protect microbiote from environmental stresses. Moreover, our own technology platform GLYcoPROFILE®, allows to determine interaction profiles of « glyco-actives » ingredients with glycans binding proteins thus anticipating afterwards on potential biological properties relevant for cosmetic applications.

For your information, we are exhibiting at in-cosmetics Global 2024. We are pleased to invite you to meet us on our stand 1R64A by following the link below. We will be delighted to share and present you in more details the last service innovations mentioned above devoted for your cosmetic ingredients development.
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