Light on antimicrobial services: Micro-challenge test

As you know GLYcoDiag provides it’s micro-challenge test services from more than 10 years. Compared to the standard method, the GLYcoDiag’s micro-challenge test is a high throughput, cost effective and the method of choice for research projects aiming at the development of new system preservatives or the control steps of anti-microbial efficacy where the regulatory method is not absolutely required. Now, we propose two additional upgraded models of our micro-challenge test method:
(1) Re-challenge testing. Repeated inoculation with specific test micro-organisms can show the number of contamination challenges a product can withstand before the preservative system fails for the micro-organism studied.
(2) Mixed. In this study, the goal is to compare and determine the efficiency of a preservative with a mixture of microbial strains (fungi and bacteria), in a more complex environment model.

Next micro-challenge test studies will be launched in week S6 (reception of products before the end of week S5).