GLYcoDiag’s Newsletter May 2023 – GLYcoPROFILE® platform for biotherapeutics project development

With more than 15 years of expertise in glycobiological interactions studies and complex carbohydrate analyses, GLYcoDiag continues to help its customers to speed-up their biotherapeutic projects through its GLYcoPROFILE® platform.

The GLYcoPROFILE® is commonly used in a large range of applications as follow:

Drug design/Drug discovery: For the research and evaluation of new glycosylated drugs on a range of lectins (recombinant human or bacterial) known to be involved in biological process (e.g. innate immunity, bacterial interaction,…);

Development of in-process quality control of therapeutic recombinant glycoproteins: identification of specific glycan signatures of your reference product, batch-to-batch monitoring, glycoform specific profiles and immunogen glycan detection (Galα1,3Gal (Galili antigen), Neu5Gc,…);

Discovery of relevant glyco-biomarkers: through utilization of specialized kits to highlight glycan signatures (e.g. cell surface glycosylation monitoring).

Download the Flyer “Biotech” that summarizes the full description of the GLYcoPROFILE® platform used for the biotherapeutics development projects. Since the beginning of this year, several LEctPROFILE® kits are now available for your glycosciences research needs. Have a look directly on our website at to know more about these kits.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for discussion about your research and development projects in glycosciences.