LEctPROFILE® kits – Understand, Evaluate & Highlight the glycosylation profil of “glyco-product”

As you know, GLYcoDiag is specialized in glycosciences services and products for the biotech, pharma, veterinary, cosmetic and diagnostic industries. We provide a large range of glycosciences reagents such as lectins, neoglycoproteins, lectin plates, and affinity gels to speed up your research and development studies. GLYcoDiag now launch six LEctPROFILE® kits (dedicated lectin arrays) designed for efficient evaluation of crude or purified glycoconjugate interactions.

The LEctPROFILE® kits are convenient for the following relevant applications:

1) Detection of desirable or undesirable glycans during the early stage of quality control of biotherapeutics;

2) Identification of glyco-biomarkers related to cells behaviour and/or pathology;

3) Analysis and characterisation of the glycosylation level of glycoproteins contained in biological fluids or to target the sialylation status of relevant serum biomarkers;

4) Research of ligand for lectins of interest that are well-known to be involved in particular disorder or in biological mechanism.

The LEctPROFILE® kits enable a fast measurement (below 3 h) and are easily accessible to all (only a microplate reader is required). Each kit is composed of a 96-well plate containing immobilised target lectin, and supplemented with the corresponding tracer and the revealing solution.

The LEctPROFILE® kits available are:

  • LK01FimH (screening of FimH ligands)

  • LK02DC (Research of DC-SIGN/Langerin differential ligands)

  • LK03Gal3 (screening of Galectin-3 inhibitors)

  • LK04Cells (Highlight cells glyco-signatures according to cell-type, environment and/or pathology. Evaluation of product effect on glycan expression and/or accessibilities. Research of cell glyco-biomarkers)

  • LK05α2,3_α2,6 (Determination of the ratio α2,3/α2,6, study the sialylation levels)

  • LK06Galili (Detection of undesirable Galili antigen on biotherapeutics)

Visit our website at https://www.glycodiag.com/products/lectprofile-kits/ to download the technical notes of each kit and see several examples of applications.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information regarding these kits or other GLYcoDiag’s products.