GLYcoPROFILE® used for the developement of emotional active ingredient

Queiroz, A., Landemarre, L., Vial, F., Aubert, A., IFSCC Magazine 1 2020

The GLYcoPROFILE® study was used recently in the development of a new cosmetic ingredient developped by Seqens. This study highlights the ability of a high molecular weight exopolysaccharide to provide a quantifiable benefit versus placebo by visibly enhancing not only the quality of the skin tissue but also the consumer’s emotional state. In fact, the GLYcoPROFILE have enabled to highlight specific interaction with rhamnose specific lectin (lectin CorM which recognizes rhamnosylated glycan structures in the same manner as rhamnose-specific protein expressed at the surface of keratinocytes and fibroblasts). Apart from the fact that rhamnose glycan motif recognition is known to interfere with cells and epidermal regeneration, thus having anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties, rhamnose recognition is known to enhance beta-endorphin release by keratinocytes and improve the feeling of wellbeing.