Lectin Array

Complementary to the GLYcoPROFILE technology, GLYcoDiag extend its range of products to the microarrays format and the GlycostationTM technology. Through a collaboration with Glycotechnica, GLYcoDiag is now provider of :

LecChipTM lectins microarrays :

The LecChipTM ver. 1.0 contains 45 different lectins carefully selected upon them specificity and stability. Lectins can be categorised to several groups depending on binding capabilities to glycans, for example, fucose binding lectin (AAL etc.), sialic acid binding lectin (SNA etc.), galactose binding lectin (ECA etc.), mannose binding lectin (GNA etc.), O-glycan binding lectin (Jacalin etc.), branching structure binding lectin and others. Each LecChip ver. 1.0 contains 7 independent wells and it is possible to measure 7 samples at the same time. Each of the 45 lectins of different types are placed in triplicate respectively.


GlycoStationTM, Glycan Profiling System :

GlycoStationTM system is intended for glycan structure profiling using lectin microarray and evanescent-field fluorescence excitation. This high quality system is composed of a scanner which is capable of measuring liquid phase chips where a sample is applied, using evanescent-field fluorescent excitation. According to this technology, it becomes possible to measure weak glycobiological interactions such as lectin and glycans without washing process.